Our Writing Contest Winners

Writing Contest Winners

Love or money? This one or the other was the topic of our writing contest. We got over 100 responses on Facebook and nearly 50 on Instagram. Through careful deliberation, here are the winners of our writing contest that ran from July 16 to the 23rd. All of the winners have provided a short bio while two winners have provided a photo to go with their submission.

Dhyani Patel

writing contest winner

“I am very passionate about literature. I love writing articles and composing poems. Besides, I am also highly interested in wildlife photography. Whatever my profession might be in the future but I always wish to follow my heart. To add on further, I am also a guitar lover and consider music as my stress healer. I love drawing and reading is also my habit.”

Love, an emotion;
Money, a possession.
Love is in the air,
Makes a person forget all the nightmares,
Known by all,
Felt by rare.
Money is the power,
By which one can build up a tower,
But it is useless,
If one couldn’t notice the beauty of a flower.
Love is basicity but money is necessity!!
Love or money? A hard choice to make,
On choosing one, the other is at stake.
Both are important equally as the two wheels of a bicycle…

Namira Amaliah Putri

The winner has requested to not provide a photo.

“I’m Namira Amaliah Putri and I’m eighteen years old, I perfectly love studying English especially grammar.”

If someone makes you choose love or money, what will you choose? I myself don’t know which one I have to take because I want both of them but I know it’s not as easy as pie to get them, many rich people don’t get love in their life while there are also many people who don’t have any money so if I’m asked to choose one of them, I won’t give any answer, I’ll just make money by doing everything which I love.

Muhammad Bahruddin

writing contest winner

Muhammad Bahruddin is a student of the Ph.D. program in Communications at the University of Indonesia. He is an awardee of LPDP. Currently, he is finishing his research in the field of Indonesian films. Bahruddin loves to write. A number of his articles are published by the national media, both print and online.

I prefer love to money. The love can bring energy to do anything. Thus, the money will be obtained easily. Conversely, without love, we will do something without the presence of the heart. We will lose energy. Thus, we will hardly get the money.

Thanks For Participating!

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