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How To Achieve Fluency And Coherence In Writing – Part 1

How To Achieve Fluency And Coherence In Writing – Part 1

Why Are Fluency And Coherence Important? Let’s take a look at the following passage: The fever she had made it difficult for her to attend work and school. She missed a lot of assignments and deadlines. Her grades went down. It was difficult for her to bounce back. She achieved what she wanted. It was […]

Differences Exposed: Similes & Metaphors

Differences Exposed: Similes & Metaphors similes and metaphors

Similes and metaphors are literary techniques used to compare two things. However, similes use “like” and “as” while metaphors state a direct comparison. Below are three examples of similes and metaphors. Similes Her voice is as heavenly as an angel. His reflexes are like a cat’s. Her eyes are as black as coal. Metaphors He […]

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language second language benefits

4 Mental Benefits Of Learning A Second Language It’s no surprise that learning a second language reaps (gains) numerous benefits. While you can communicate with more people, it also boosts your mental ability. Bilingualism is best achieved in childhood. But, adults learning a second language can also achieve fluency and get the same mental benefits. […]

How to Improve Your Spelling

How to Improve Your Spelling spelling tips

How To Improve Your Spelling Spelling mistakes can be hilarious or fatal. Autocorrect is an amusing way most people get a kick out of their friends or family members’ spelling mistakes. But, when mistakes appear on a CV, it’ll damage your credibility. With these spelling tips, you’ll become a better speller and learn to look out […]

Eloquent – Etymology

Eloquent – Etymology Eloquent

Eloquent Eloquent is an adjective meaning persuasive speech or writing. It has Latin roots which meant ‘speaking out’ and from the verb eloqui. It’s borrowed from the French word éloquent. When describing someone is eloquent, you’re saying that their way of speaking or writing is impactful. Someone who is eloquent is powerful in expressing strong […]

Writing Exercise: Building Suspense In Writing

Writing Exercise: Building Suspense In Writing building suspense in writing

Building Suspense In Writing A dominant theme of horror movies is the concept of the unknown. Who’s behind you? Who’s on the other side? Horror movies are famous for making people question continuously, a great way of building suspense in writing. In this writing exercise, you receive a call from someone who seems to know […]

Writing Exercise: Hero Or Villain

Writing Exercise: Hero Or Villain writing exercise hero villain

Writing Exercise: Hero Or Villain? Imagine this: you get an exclusive offer to be part of the main cast of the most anticipated film of the year. They give you two options: to play as the hero or the villain. In this writing exercise, we would like to know which would you decide to play? […]

How To: Stay Motivated In Language Learning

How To: Stay Motivated In Language Learning language learning accomplishment

Language Learning Motivation In the early stages, it’s easy to get fired up on learning a second language. But then it slowly begins to fade and it becomes a downward spiral. Eventually, it becomes a tedious chore. So, how can you stay motivated in language learning? What’s Your Goal? To achieve anything you’re learning, it’s […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. Add insult to injury  The phrase “add insult to injury” is a common English idiom. It means to make a bad situation worse. This phrase is usually used as part of a sentence. Here are three example sentences for your reference. “They told me I didn’t have enough experience, and to add insult to […]

Talk: Sleep Deprived

Talk: Sleep Deprived

 You look a bit grumpy today.   Do I? I think it’s because I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.  I see. Have you tried warm milk before bed? It usually helps me sleep better.   Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I’ve tried it. I think I tried everything, and nothing has been helping me sleep better. […]

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