The Energy Of Asia’s Eight Hidden Themes

Eight Hidden Themes

The Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC) incorporated the following themes to not only enliven the 2018 Asian games but to also globally promote Indonesian music.
Victory, struggle, spirit, friendship, unity, sportsmanship, solidarity, and becoming champion are the eight themes embodied in the tracklist of the Asian Games compilation album. What does each of these themes mean and represent?

Victory (n. & adj.)

A victory means you’ve succeeded in your task after working hard. The word itself is a noun and has an adjective counterpart, victorious.
The theme song of the Asian Games, “Meraih Bintang”, uses full Indonesian lyrics to describe the spirit of victory.
Some sample sentences of this word include the following.
  1. Being victorious shouldn’t be your only goal.
  2. The athletes celebrated a great victory that night with many drinks.
  3. The team hadn’t experienced a victory like this for a long time. It was a great feeling.
Some synonyms of victory include triumph, conquest, and favourable result.

Struggle (v. & n.)

To struggle means to make tedious effort to get rid of conflict. By adding “to” in front, “struggle” becomes a verb. However, a struggle is a noun. The meaning remains the same. Having songs emphasizing the struggles of the teams is to show their perseverance in their efforts to become victorious.
Some sample sentences include the following.
  1. The teams continued to struggle throughout the event.
  2. This sport was a struggle for the team.
  3. Without having struggles, a person won’t mature.
Some synonyms of “to struggle” include endeavour, exert oneself, and make every effort.
Some synonyms of “a struggle” include effort, labour, and striving.

Spirit (n.)

Spirit is a noun and has many meanings. However, in this case, it means morale or confidence. It can also mean optimism and state of mind. In other words, it’s to describe an attitude. One of the songs on the tracklist is “Unbeatable” by Indonesian rapper, JFlow, and tells to continue or rekindle the fighting spirit until the end.
Some sample sentences include the following.
  1. Having a positive team spirit will undeniably bring great results.
  2. Team spirit is critical in sports.
  3. The country hopes their team will build on this spirit of confidence.
Some synonyms of spirit include a frame of mind, morale, outlook, and way of thinking.

Friendship (n.)

Friendship is a noun. It means the emotions of the phase of being friends. It can also mean the state of mutual trust between two people or two nations.
The second song of the Asian Games tracklist, “Janger Persahabatan” stresses how the Games strengthens ties between Indonesia and the other countries. It retains its ethnic elements but incorporates English lyrics to show Indonesia’s rich cultural identity.
Some sample sentences include the following.
  1. The friendship between the two nations strengthened.
  2. Building and maintaining a good friendship is healthy.
  3. Good friendships take time.
Some synonyms of friendship include relationship, alliance, attachment, and friendly relationship.

Unity (n.)

Unity is a noun and its plural counterpart is unities. The definition is the state of being joined.
The dance-pop song, “Asian Dance” is a collaboration between DJ Dipha Barus and the Indonesian rock band, Slank. Their song seeks for people to unite and support the Asian Games. It also wishes for people to put aside various differences. “So we made the song Asian Dance, because by dancing, people can forget everything,” Slank drummer Bimbim said in an interview to Viva.
Some sample sentences of unity include the following.
  1. They put aside their differences and united under these harsh circumstances.
  2. The coach called for unity if they want to win.
  3. There are different ways of preserving team unity.
Some synonyms of unity include harmony, collaboration, consensus, and integration.

Sportsmanship (n.)

Sportsmanship is a noun which means the behaviour or treatment of others.
While the theme song of the Asian Games emphasizes victory, it also highlights to do so in a fair and generous way.
Some sample sentences of sportsmanship include the following.
  1. All of the teams have good sportsmanship.
  2. Demonstrating good sportsmanship gives a country a good reputation.
  3. Despite the defeat, the athlete demonstrated great sportsmanship.
Some synonyms of sportsmanship include virtue, fairness, honesty, and sincerity.

Solidarity (n.)

Solidarity is a noun and is a synonym to unity. It means an agreement of a feeling or action among a group of people.
The eleventh track of the Asian Games, “Indonesia Berpesta,” stresses that Indonesia–as the host– should unite the spirit and determination of the competing teams.
Some sample sentences of solidarity include the following.
  1. Coaches voiced solidarity with their respective teams.
  2. Reaching solidarity can be a great feeling.
  3. Solidarity should be emphasized in team sports.
Some synonyms of solidarity include accord, mutual support, unanimity, and cohesion.

Becoming Champion

Becoming a champion is a phrase and used to describe being number one. In other words, you’ve succeeded in becoming victorious.
On a comment regarding the last song of the tracklist, “Bukan Anak Kemarin Sore,” to, vocalist Armada Rizal said, “the proof to the world, everyone can be the best, the song of encouragement as well.”
Some sample sentences of becoming champion include the following.
  1. Becoming a champion requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.
  2. Becoming a champion is every athlete’s goal.
  3. Becoming a champion is difficult to achieve.
Some synonyms of “becoming champion” include becoming number one, being victorious, gold medallist, and defending champion.

Are You Watching the Games?

Have you been keeping up with the Asian Games this year? Which country are you cheering for? Also, if you’ve listened to any of the songs above, let us know!