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The Haunted Amusement Park

The Haunted Amusement Park creative writing

You and a friend reexplore an old, abandoned amusement park. Memories of what happened a few years ago resurface, and you witness firsthand the rumour that surround the theme park with a secret of your own.

Eloquent – Etymology

Eloquent – Etymology Eloquent

Eloquent Eloquent is an adjective meaning persuasive speech or writing. It has Latin roots which meant ‘speaking out’ and from the verb eloqui. It’s borrowed from the French word éloquent. When describing someone is eloquent, you’re saying that their way of speaking or writing is impactful. Someone who is eloquent is powerful in expressing strong […]

Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games?

Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games? battle Royale review

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami I was already familiar with the concept of Battle Royale, and I was pleasantly surprised at how the author executed the plot. The plot takes place in a fictional fascist Japan. The government established a military program, the Battle Experiment No. 68. This program randomly selects fifty third-year junior high […]

Life Can Be Vicious

Life Can Be Vicious book recommendation vicious

Vicious By V.E Schwab Vicious was my first book by V.E Schwab, and I’m glad I picked it up by chance. The plot revolves around Victor and Eli, two brilliant college students. They recognized the same ambition and cleverness in each other. In their senior year, Eli’s thesis topic of near-death experiences and supernatural abilities […]

The Living Doll

The Living Doll short story living doll

Short Story This short story was inspired by a creative writing prompt from WritersDigest. Lila stumbles upon an antique store that sells a rare, old doll. She buys it for her younger sister. One afternoon, Lila begins hearing voices. The Living Doll Lila was alone in the house. Her younger sister was at school, and […]

The Face Outside

The Face Outside short horror story face outside

Short Horror Story This short horror story was inspired by a creative writing prompt by WritersDigest. It tells a story of a girl named Mel who lost her twin sister, May, due to a tragic accident fifteen years ago. One rainy night, her dog, Chivo, began to bark at the window. For what reason? The […]

Ace Your GRE Test With These Resources

Ace Your GRE Test With These Resources GRE test resources

What’s The GRE Test? The GRE test is a graduate admission test for universities to gauge your analytical writing, quantitative reasoning skills, and verbal reasoning. The GRE is similar to the SAT and ACT and is a common examination in the United States. As of March 2018, there are no known age restrictions or qualifications to […]

Etymology: Bumfuzzle

Etymology: Bumfuzzle bumfuzzle etymology

Etymology: Bumfuzzle I’ve never heard of this word until I searched “funny English words” in Google. According to Dictionary.com, Bumfuzzle is a verb meaning to confuse or fluster. Bill Clinton apparently used it to address surpluses and budget fights: “The American people must be totally bumfuzzled; [we] keep announcing surpluses and we keep having budget […]

Writing Exercise: Building Suspense In Writing

Writing Exercise: Building Suspense In Writing building suspense in writing

Building Suspense In Writing A dominant theme of horror movies is the concept of the unknown. Who’s behind you? Who’s on the other side? Horror movies are famous for making people question continuously, a great way of building suspense in writing. In this writing exercise, you receive a call from someone who seems to know […]

Writing Exercise: Hero Or Villain

Writing Exercise: Hero Or Villain writing exercise hero villain

Writing Exercise: Hero Or Villain? Imagine this: you get an exclusive offer to be part of the main cast of the most anticipated film of the year. They give you two options: to play as the hero or the villain. In this writing exercise, we would like to know which would you decide to play? […]

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