Do Not Fear of English

 /Fear of English misplaced/ The setting up of a special task force to help graduates meet job market demands is a step in the right direction, but what is more essential is to address the basic issue of how students can improve their English. Teaching, learning and using the English language must never be made […]

Give English the priority it needs

English may not have a monopoly on knowledge acquisition but it is an extremely important language that we need to master, and this is the real issue I think. Historically, all that happened made sense given the circumstances of the time, but the real issues and challenges are forward looking. It is tempting or convenient […]

How to become a good English learner

1. The good language learner is a willing and accurate guesser. He is able to infer the meaning of a text or a speech based on its context (for example, the topic, setting, or attitudes of a speaker or a writer). 2. The good language learner has a strong motivation to communicate, or to learn […]

The good English learner

What’s wrong with the teaching of English? So far, what has been reported by the news media about the initiatives to improve English among  students have mainly focused on teachers, teaching methods, and the learning environment (to a certain degree). But they have missed out one crucial attribute: the good English learner! In her seminal […]

How to Improve Verbal Communication Skills- Part 2

/Speaking in Public/Formal Settings/ 1.Be concise and clear. Do not add irrelevant elements in your speech. Get to the point and say what you mean so that your listener can respond accordingly. 2.Don’t get off on tangents. Verbal communication is different than other forms of communication in that it is easier to get off topic, […]

How to Improve Verbal Communication Skills- Part 1

Effective verbal communication is necessary in almost every field of life. You need good communication to do everything from performing your job properly to ensuring your romantic relationship functions smoothly. Many people struggle with this skill, but it is not too difficult if you remember a few important details. /Preparing Yourself/ 1.Make some mental notes […]

Why English is so hard to learn

I’ve made it my primary focus over the past four years to study, implement and test English learning and teaching strategies. My observation has given me an outcome-based approach in developing my style of teaching English to Chinese students. Here are some observations and results that I have discovered. My personal goal is to test […]

How to Use Action Verbs

1.Apply action verbs to your resume. Start by making a list of your skills and abilities in simple language, with simple verbs. Read over the list and replace the verbs with action verbs. You can also adjust the phrases so the language is concise and clear. For example, your list of skills and abilities for […]

How to Understand Action Verbs

1.Understand the purpose of action verbs. An action verb describes something a person does, such as an achievement, in a clear and convincing way. Using action verbs in your resume, your essay, or in business writing will make your sentences more concise and easier to understand. When using action verbs, it’s important that you choose […]

How to Improve Verbal Memory-Part 2

/Improve Auditory Representation/ 1.Evoke isolated sounds. The idea is to try to recall sounds that cannot be represented by your internal voice (examples are below). Try to evoke as many sounds as you can. Don’t focus too much on one sound, you must try as many as you can for a little while then go […]

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