[Word-ology] What Can We Learn From “Reflect”

💡Time for [Word-ology] again, a column making English learning easier!💡 Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode. 1.seduce=se-[away]+duc-[lead]+e-[v.] Definition: to persuade sb to do sth that they would not usually agree to do by making it seem very attractive 2.inducement=in-[in]+duc-[lead]+ment-[n.] Definition: something that is given to sb to persuade them to do […]

[Fun Time] Funny Animal Haircuts That You Can’t Imagine

Hey guys! It is [Fun Time] again! A good haircut can make you look stylish and attractive, and that’s also true for the animals. Some haircuts just fit the animals extremely well, while others, only appear to be a total disaster. Today, we are going to look at some hilarious animal haircuts that will make […]

[Best Pick] 3 Best Techs That Died This Decade

Hey guys! Welcome back to [Best Pick]! Technology is always evolving and advancing, at least in theory, and that means old tech is often bumped out of the way to make room for new. In 2010 to 2020, so many techs that once shone were died. We could easily fill a graveyard with all the […]

[Fun Time] Summer 2020: Plan VS Reality

Hey guys! It is [Fun Time] again! It’s summer. Did you notice? Probably not because 2020 has been like living through an unpleasant period of suspended animation* where time has no meaning and one disaster after another—from the Australia wildfires to coronavirus to murder stuff—simply piles up. *suspended animation: the state of being alive but […]

[Word-ology] Conducive=Con+Duc+Ive

💡It’s time for [Word-ology], a column helping you learn words much easier!💡 Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode. revolve=re-[again]+volv-[roll]+e-[v.] Definition: to go in a circle around a central point convoluted=con-[together]+volu(t)-[roll]+ed-[adj.] Definition: having many twists or curves. The word can also be used to describe something that is extremely complicated and […]

نصائح لتصحو نشيطًا في الصباح

الاستيقاظ في الصباح إنّ الاستيقاظ في الصباح الباكر بالنسبة للكثيرين مهمةً صعبة التنفيذ، وذلك بسبب الجهد والمشقّة خاصةً في وقت الشتاء، حيث إنّ الليل يكون طويلًا ليتجاوز بظلامه أوقات الصباح الباكر، وليحرم الكثيرين من أشعة الشمس الساطعة، ولذلك يؤمن الكثيرون بمبدأ أن الفوز الحقيقي يبدأ بالاستيقاظ باكرًا، وتتنوع الفائدة ما بين الأداء الجيّد في الدراسة […]

نصائح بسيطة للتخلص من ضغوط الدراسة

الضغوط الدراسية تمتلئ الحياة بالكثير من المتاعب والهموم التي تولّد ضغطًا كبيرًا على نفسية الإنسان، وتجعله أكثر هشاشة ومعرضًا للانهيار، ومع تراكم الضغوطات النفسية الكبيرة قد يُصاب الإنسان بأزمة نفسية عميقة تُؤثر على حياته بشكلٍ عام، كما قد يُصاب بأمراض جسدية خطيرة ناتجة عن هذه الضغوطات النفسية، لكن لا يوجد ضغوطات ليس لها حل، ويمكن […]

٦ طرق ممتعة للتعرف على الثقافة البريطانية

As a newcomer to the UK, you’ll likely learn about British culture organically, bit by bit. Mostly, you’ll pick it up by osmosis, simply absorbing it as you live your life in Britain. But it’s possible to learn about British culture either more quickly, or more slowly. Some people live in the UK for years […]

١٠ حقائق ممتعة عن اللغة الإنجليزية

The English language is as fascinating as it is popular and obviously has its own history and quirks. Instead of only focusing on grammar and other theoretical aspects, don’t forget to enjoy its more entertaining side. To help you with this task, we have compiled a list of thirty fun and interesting facts about the […]

[Listening]  Justin Bieber Denied Sexual Assault Allegation

Hey, guys! Welcome to [Listening]! Before today’s listening, let’s check the answers to the last episode. 1. chief executive; 2. cognitive; 3. deployed Justin Bieber, the handsome singer, has been surrounded by pink news since he became famous. Not only love stories, but also some trouble. He has been accused of sexual assault on a woman in […]

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