Talk: Do You Offer Any Discounts?

/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/ I love your little Lulu dolls. How much for a batch of 6,000? For a batch of 6,000 we would charge two dollars a doll .your total cost would be $12,000. That’s a little steep for our company. Do you offer any discounts ?  […]

Why the British Say Sorry Quite Often?

It means something different over there. In the United States, “sorry” has a few widely used meanings. (1) As a form of apology. I’m sorry I kicked your shin. (2) As an expression of sympathy. I’m sorry for your loss. (3) As an adjective meaning inadequate. You are a sorry specimen. To these, the British […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(42)

1. I just called the travel agency. It’s all set. Key Points: Set (“all set” meaning all prepared in spoken English) (1). be set on sth./doing sth. (decide to do sth.) She’s very set on going to the party. (2). be ( dead ) set against sth./doing sth. (be against sth. strongly) The manager was […]

Learning English Phrases Everyday(53)

1. mobilize Today we are going to learn “mobilize”. It means to encourage people to support something in an active way. eg: (1) Where do we go from here? How do we mobilize? (2) It also kind of implies hope, and it’s about what happens when people try to mobilize these workers in the mines. […]

Traveling English: Shopping in USA

1. I’m just browsing. When answer “Are you looking for something?”, if you don’t wanna buy anything at that time, you can say “I’m just browsing.” or “I’m just looking.” If you are looking for a sweater, you could say “I’m looking for a sweater. Could you help me?” or “Do you have any sweater?” […]

Writing Club: Special Notice

We Due to the arrangement recently, the writing club will take a week off. You can still comment on the last week’s theme writing “death” . As we all know, death is an eternal topic for all the cultures. And if you have any good writing topics, you can leave them in the comment area. […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(41)

1. The performance is said to be excellent and with a student’s discount, the tickets will be really cheap. Key Points: Be said to (to indicate that it is objective) (1). be supposed to… You are supposed to be here at nine. (2). It is believed that… It is believed that we will definitely win […]

Learning English Phrases Everyday(52)

1. hypocrite Today we are going to learn “hypocrite”. It means someone who pretends to have certain beliefs or opinions that they do not really have. eg: (1) If so, does this hypocrite really believe, in his heart, what he is saying? (2) The magazine wrongly suggested he was a liar and a hypocrite. 2. […]

Good Looks Matters in Workplace!

When it comes to your wages, do looks matter? A new study says yes. The researchers found that overall, men and women who were considered more attractive earned more money than their less-attractive counterparts. But when grooming was factored in for men, the numbers evened out. At several points during the study, the participants sat […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(40)

1. That depends on how your condition reacts to our treatment. Key Points: depend (1). depend upon They depend on me for living. (2). That (It all) depends. Sometimes we’re busy and sometimes we’re not so busy.That (It all)depends 2. As far as I know,she is good at anything but electronics. Key Points: be good […]

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