A Story of Fish and Water

Fish says to Water: I am crying all the time, but you never know, because I’m in the water. Water says: I know, because you are in my heart all the time. I’m not the fish, you are not the water. Can you see my lonely tears? Fish says to Water: I will never leave […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(64)

1. I was up till 3 o’clock this morning,writing a paper for my literature class. Key Points: up (1). increase, become more and more Our profits are up by 3%. (2). excited, refer to mood My mood is up a little. (3). ready, prepared Christmas lunch is up. 2. I’m on a scheme that’s called […]

Learning English Phrases Everyday(75)

1. take over Today we are going to learn “take over”. If you take over a job or role or if you take over, you become responsible for the job after someone else has stopped doing it. eg: A: Who’s going to take over my job when I leave? B: Well, I guess I could. […]

Talk: Nothing in Life is Free

So can we play PlayStation later? Sure, if you’re done! All my games are so lame, Mom. When can I get a new one?  Well, listen, Honey, you’ve been a big help lately… Right on. I’m gonna get a new game!  If you take out the garbage and do the dishes, I’ll think about it. […]

Business Talk: How to Take A Taxi?

No.1: Take me to the airport, please. A: Where to? B: Take me to the airport, please. A: Are you in a hurry? B: I have to be there before 17:00. No.2: There’s an extra ten in it for you if you can get me there on time. A: We will make it except a […]

Writing Weekend: Let’s Talk about “Heroes”!

Last week we set our writing theme “youth”, and it’s a unique topic that everyone shares common experience and different feelings at the same time. We all want to be young forever. This week, let’s talk about “heroes“. Heroes in the real world, heroes in films and novels; or you can tell what kind of […]

Offering Help to the Poor Even When You Are Poor

I grew up very poor and with a single mom. Often there was no money for food, and I was hungry a lot. On my fifth birthday (1986), a couple of close family members were invited to go to a park to celebrate my birthday. No cake, no presents, not a problem. Except for my […]

What Things Can You Do in the UK That You Cannot in the USA?

@Ernest W. Adams Eat real haggis. The stuff they sell in the USA isn’t real. Drive on the left. Drink at 18. If the British tried to raise the drinking age to 21 the streets would be awash in the blood of dead politicians. Get health care free at the source without ever worrying about […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(63)

1. Since early times, people have been fascinated with the idea of life existing somewhere else besides earth. Key Points: fascinate (1). be fascinated by Humans are always fascinated by rainbows. (2). be fascinated to I would be fascinated to hear your views on this problem. 2. This episode gave Doctor Myer her first clue […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(62)

1. This doesn’t mean to put on airs and say “Do you know who I am?” Key Points: air (1). plural noun: airs and graces, give oneself airs (be affected and unnatural) Even when she became a professor, she didn’t have any airs and graces. Don’t give yourself airs! It makes you look ridiculous. (2). […]

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