Talk: I Like to Take the Tests in This Magazine

I see you have bought the latest copy of “Beauty and Fashion”. Are there any interesting articles in it?  There’s an interesting interview with a top fashion designer about the latest fashions. I enjoyed reading her thought. The “which?” section is very interesting this month. They tested facial cleaners. The article recommends “all clear” for […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

  1. pay off Today we are going to learn “pay off”. If you pay off a debt, you give someone all the money that you owe them. eg: (1). We’ve been paying off this mortgage for twenty years! (2). It would take him the rest of his life to pay off that loan.   […]

Tips To Make Yourself Read More!

Today on writer, Scott Muska shared some tips on how to read more books as that is a common lament amongst his frends. There were 11 tips in total but here are just a few of them, Tip 1: “Never leave home without a book.” That seems simple enough, it’s difficult to read anything […]

Learn English Sentences Everyday [argument]

1. A few more examples should be added to highlight the already familiar facts . 2. We can cite Nelson Mandela’s experience as an excellent example of overcoming adversity . 3. History abounds with great men worthy of adulation and emulation. 4. I, for one, will steadfastly resist any attempts to justify violence as a […]

Talk: What’s Your City Like?

 What’s your city like?  It’s quite an interesting place to live. The best thing to do in my city is go shopping. There are several indoor and outdoor markets, department stores and shopping malls.  Is the traffic bad in the city centre?  Not really. Cars are not permitted in several parts of city centre, especially […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. pop culture Today we are going to learn “pop culture”. It means music, films, products etc in a particular society that are familiar to and popular with most ordinary people in that society. eg: (1). Would you say you’re a member of pop culture? (2). We see it on our TVs, in movies and […]

Learn English Sentences Everyday [issue]

1. The solution to the world’s growing environmental problems may have to wait awhile. It has been said that “environmental problems are global and respect no nation’s boundaries.” 2. Unfortunately, pollution and its consequences still fall to large measure on those least likely to do anything about it: poor countries willing to sacrifice anything in […]

Talk: A Walk in the Country

 It’s so relaxing, taking a walk in the country. The air is so fresh and clean.  Would you like to live in the country? I’m not sure I’d like it. I can see a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that, for me, each advantage has its own disadvantage.  What do you mean? […]

Treats Life As He Treats His First True Love

If you suddenly get old tomorrow, would you feel regret when you look back at your life? Or would you feel that your life is worth it? Or you have never thought about this kind of things? If you ask somebody what the meaning of life is, a thousand different people will give you a […]

Talk: The Main Causes of War Today

 What do you think are the main causes of war today? I’d say the main reason is poverty. Countries and their people get frustrated because they have so little. If their neighbors have some resources, they try to steal them by military force.  It seems that a lot of wars nowadays are really civil wars. […]

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