Talk:Christmas is Coming

So how’s everything going for Christmas?  I’ve got all the presents I need, and my family is working together to get all the food ready. That’s easy; but I have another problem to deal with. What’s that? Don’t tell me you’ve still got Christmas cards to write, it usually takes my wife a month to […]

When to Use Full Stop in Abbreviations?

People are often uncertain about whether or not to use full stops in abbreviations. Here are some guidelines: 1. In both British and American English, if you are using initial (i.e. first) letters to represent words, you don’t normally need to put a full stop after them: BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation) CNN(Cable News Network) UK(the United […]

10 Western Table Manners That You Should Never Forget!

1. When helping a woman pull her chair to the table, hold it and guide it. Don’t shove it against the back of her legs. 2. If you’re seated at a table with eight or fewer guests, wait for everyone to be served and for the hostess to begin eating before you dig in. At […]

Writing Club: Let’s Write About “Youth”!

Last week we set our writing theme “dream”, and it’s a eternal topic as long as we still hold out hope even when we are in dilemma. In a way, dreams make us young forever. This week, let’s talk about “youth“. You can tell us your youth, what you did in your youth that impressed […]

Career Hunting: What Will You Do to Achieve Your Career Goals?

Interviewer: What will you do to achieve your career goals? Example 1: To achieve my career goals, I think performance is the answer. If I perform well in the current position, I would naturally win the trust of the management team and move on to the next step of my career path. So, what I’ll […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(56)

1. I really can’t afford any more interruptions right now. Key Points: afford (1). I can’t afford to play game with you, sorry. (2). Plenty of kids in this village can’t afford to go to school(=can’t afford education). (3). I’m too busy to afford an hour for lunch. 2. Anyhow, let’s calm down and try […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(55)

1. Could you take a picture of me with the lake in the background?. Key Points: take a picture of Useful expressions when taking photos:  (1). Will you please pose for your picture? (2). How many exposures have you made? (3). Get the waterfalls in the background, will you? (4). You come out well in the […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(54)

1. I’ve also traveled a bit, you know, off season when everywhere is less crowded and hotels cost less. Key Points: season (The off season is the time of the year when not many people go on holiday and when things such as hotels and plane tickets are often cheaper.) (1). at seasons (from time […]

Learning English Phrases Everyday(67)

1. in other words Today we are going to learn “in other words”. It means saying something in another way. eg: A: I have to wash my hair, clean the house… B: In other words, you’re busy. 2. in theory Another phrase is “in theory”. It means according to the assumed facts. eg: A: We […]

Learning English Phrases Everyday(66)

1. be cut out to be Today we are going to learn “be cut out to be”. It means someone is born to do something( have a talent for). eg: A: Why are your sales so low? B: Maybe I’m not cut out to be a salesman.   2. stay out of Another phrase is […]

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