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Alone Until – Halloween Short Story

Alone Until – Halloween Short Story creative writing prompt

It’s been a week since she died. As she walks on the street unnoticed, she treats the erratic sounds of the city like white noise. She hears overlapping conversations, none of which are of interest to her. It’s not like she can join, for her voice falls on deaf ears of the living. Even if […]

The Haunted Amusement Park

The Haunted Amusement Park creative writing

You and a friend reexplore an old, abandoned amusement park. Memories of what happened a few years ago resurface, and you witness firsthand the rumour that surround the theme park with a secret of your own.

The Living Doll

The Living Doll short story living doll

Short Story This short story was inspired by a creative writing prompt from WritersDigest. Lila stumbles upon an antique store that sells a rare, old doll. She buys it for her younger sister. One afternoon, Lila begins hearing voices. The Living Doll Lila was alone in the house. Her younger sister was at school, and […]

The Face Outside

The Face Outside short horror story face outside

Short Horror Story This short horror story was inspired by a creative writing prompt by WritersDigest. It tells a story of a girl named Mel who lost her twin sister, May, due to a tragic accident fifteen years ago. One rainy night, her dog, Chivo, began to bark at the window. For what reason? The […]

Judge A Book By Its Cover

Judge A Book By Its Cover English idiom judge book cover

English Idiom Judge a book by its cover is a popular English idiom. It’s cautionary advice to not make assumptions or jump to conclusions based on appearances. We’ve written a short story surrounding the theme of this English idiom. Judge A Book By Its Cover It was her first time breaking the rules, sneaking out […]

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