Everything Will Work out Just Fine [Talk]


Guys, do you know what to say to encourage someone who’s very anxious about things that may happen in the future?

男底色 Ross, you look so worried. What happened?

女底色  Well, I want to get into that class, but I just found out that there are so many people on the waiting list. I guess chances are probably slim.

男底色  I wouldn’t say that! Many people might drop the class and then there will be some openings. You never know.

女底色  I hope so.

男底色 Come on, cheer up. Don’t worry so much. Everything will work out just fine.

It’s Friday! What do you have on your plan for the weekend?

Leave a comment and share with me!

Want Every Color in the Rainbow?[Talk]


Connie is very interested in a red blouse in the catalog she just received. She tells John that she wants to get one…

女底色 Look at this catalog, John. I think I want to get this red blouse.

男底色 Don’t you have one like this in blue?

女底色 Yeah, but I don’t have a red one.

男底色 Do you need every color in the rainbow?

女底色 Yes!

男底色 Tsk…tsk…women!

Really interesting, right?

Which color is your favorite? Share with me!

Exciting News! [Talk]


When you have exciting news to tell your friends, do you sometimes find it hard to tell them?

男底色  I really don’t know how to break this to you, but it’s eating me alive!

女底色  Just tell the truth. I won’t take it personally.

男底色 Well…hum…you’re sure you won’t lose control of yourself?

女底色  Sometimes it’s wise to be direct with people. Come on, just tell me. Don’t beat about the bush! Please!

男底色 Well, since you’d like an honest answer, I’ll tell you the truth.

女底色 Alright! What is that you want to tell me?

男底色 We’ve won two free tickets to Hawaii for a seven-day vacation!!!

女底色  What? Are you serious? Oh, my gosh!

Guys, do you have any exciting news to share with me?

Have a nice day!

My Head Is Spinning Now [Talk]


John is not feeling well since he didn’t had enough sleep last night…

女底色 You looked tired. Didn’t you get enough sleep last night?

男底色  No, I had a bunch of my friends over, and we partied until the wee hours.

女底色  No wonder you look so bad!

男底色  I guess I just can’t take late nights like I used to. My head is spinning, and I have a migraine.

女底色  I think you need to go home and take a rest.

男底色  I wish I could, but I don’t think I can keep my eyes open long enough to drive home.

女底色  Don’t worry! I’ll give you a ride home. But next time, watch the partying, OK?

Hey guys, here ‘wee hours’ means very early morning.

So did you have this kind of experience?

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Let’s Call It A Day [Talk]


Elizabeth has worked with her colleague on a project for a long time and they feel a little tired….

男底色  This was a very good meeting.

女底色  I’m happy that we’ve finally cleared up some problems.

男底色  I think we have. Is there anything else to discuss?

女底色  No, that’s all, I guess.

男底色  Then, let’s call it a day, shall we?

女底色  All right. See you later, Alligator.

男底色 After a while, Crocodile.

Let’s call it a day! And a little question:

do you know why they said alligator and crocodile after they waved goodbye?

Take a guess, and tomorrow I’ll let you know the answer.

I Hope It’s Nothing Serious [Talk]


Alvin wishes he could go with his friend to the party, but something has come up. He apparently doesn’t want to talk about it, while his friend hopes it’s nothing serious.

女底色 Alvin, are you coming with us?

男底色 I wish I could, but something unexpected has come up.

女底色 No wonder you look so concerned.  I hope it’s nothing serious.

男底色 Well, it’s just something personal.

女底色  OK. But if you need help, let me know.

男底色  Sure. I will.

Guys, what did you do during the weekend?

Anything special?

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Wait, Where was I? [Talk]


Ray was telling Brenda his experiences in Africa, but he was interrupted by a telephone call. When he returned, he forgot where to continue his story….

男底色 Let’s back up.  Where was I?

女底色  You were talking about your trip to South Africa.

男底色  Oh, yeah.

女底色  I bet you had a great time.

男底色  Yes, we did. In fact, you know what we encountered?

女底色  A long-lost friend?

男底色 Come on! A lion!

Hey guys, did you ever encounter a lion or any dangerous animal in real life? (A lion in the zoo doesn’t count) Share with me!

See you!

Got Locked Out Of My Apartment [Talk]


Last time Michael was locked out of his car. This time he is locked out of his apartment. Do you know how he gets back in?

男底色  I was locked out of my apartment last night.

女底色 How did THAT happen? Did you lose your keys?

男底色  No. I left the keys in the apartment.

女底色 Then how did you get in?

男底色  I climbed in from the window.

女底色  You what? Oh, my! You’re brave.

男底色 Thank you. In fact, I didn’t realize I was such a good climber.

Hey guys, did you have this kind of experience before? Like being locked out of your car or your apartment?

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Renting An Apartment[Talk]


女底色  Hello. I’m calling about the apartment you advertised.

男底色  Yes. What kind of apartment are you interested in?

女底色  I’m interested in a one-bedroom. Do you have any available?

男底色  Yes. I have one. When do you need it?

女底色 Sometime around next week. What can you tell me about this apartment?

男底色  Well, it’s a one-bedroom apartment. The monthly rent is $650. You pay electricity only. Gas and water is included.  And…that’s probably it.

女底色 Sounds good. May I come over tomorrow to take a look?

男底色 Sure.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

How’s it going today?

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How Rumors Started…[Talk]


Judy isn’t at work today, and a “rumor” starts….

男底色  Why isn’t Judy at work today?

女底色  Apparently, something came up and she couldn’t come.

男底色  I wonder what happened.

女底色 I heard she has a new boyfriend.

男底色  Really? When did that happen?

女底色  I don’t know. I’m only guessing.

男底色  A-ha, that’s how rumors get started.

Have a nice day!

See you!