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Learn English Sentences Everyday [sports (2)]

(1). Kick off (to start) Good Morning everyone. Shall we kick off the meeting then? (Football) (2). On target (making good progress and likely to achieve what has been planned) It looks like we are pretty much on target with this project. (Archery) (3). Up to scratch (to be of a good standard) I know […]

Learn English Sentences Everyday [sports]

1. In the heat of battle, players have been observed to throw themselves across the court without considering the consequences that such a move might have on anyone in their way. Key Points: way (1). in the way No doubt he means to help, but in fart he just gets in the way. (2). on […]

Can Groups of People “Remember” Something That Didn’t Happen? [audio]

WE KNOW THAT IT’S RELATIVELY EASY to implant memories. We also know that once a memory has been implanted the process continues and there are studies on what’s called updating. Take the case of false news about the Iraq War early on which was discovered to be false; in one study if you were in […]

Learn English Sentences Everyday [environment]

1. But no one knows for sure how much crude oil lies buried beneath the frozen earth. Key Points: below/ beneath/ under (1). below (opposite to above, on a lower level) 1) Some parts of the country are below sea level. 2) Please do not write below this line. (2). beneath (more formal) 1) Two […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. be bound to Today we are going to learn “be bound to”. It means that certain or extremely likely to happen. eg: A: Is Helen around? B: She’s bound to be around here somewhere. 2. prank call Another phrase is “prank call”. It means a telephone practical joke. eg: A: Who was that? B: […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. work out Today we are going to learn “work out”. If you work out a solution to a problem or mystery, you manage to find the solution.   eg: A: I’m having a hard time finding a job. B: I hope everything works out in the end. 2. jump to conclusions Another phrase is […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. come through Today we are going to learn “come through”. Come through a dangerous or difficult situation means to survive it and recover from it. eg: A: You always come through for me when I need you. B: That’s what friends are for. 2. break out Another phrase is “break out”. If something such […]

Talk: Checking In at the Airport

Next, please. Here are our passports and tickets. Let’s see. Yes, here are your passports back. Did you pack your luggage yourselves? Yes, we did. Just this morning. Did anyone approach you to ask you to carry anything for them?  No, sir. We left directly from the hostel. Are these four pieces all your luggage?  […]

Talk: How’s Your Course Going?

So , how’s your course going? Do you like it? I like my professors and the classes, but it’s a lot of work. What are you specializing in?  Right now, I’m doing some research into the languages of different African tribes. That sounds really interesting. Can you speak Swahili? Yes, I learned how to speak […]

Talk: Buy A Birthday Present

May’s birthday is coming. Shall we buy her a birthday present or let her choose one for herself? I think a surprise party may be better. But I forget when her birthday is. You are such a good father. It’s next Sunday. Sorry. What shall we get for her? What about a cell phone? She […]

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