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Talk: A Walk in the Country

 It’s so relaxing, taking a walk in the country. The air is so fresh and clean.  Would you like to live in the country? I’m not sure I’d like it. I can see a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that, for me, each advantage has its own disadvantage.  What do you mean? […]

Treats Life As He Treats His First True Love

If you suddenly get old tomorrow, would you feel regret when you look back at your life? Or would you feel that your life is worth it? Or you have never thought about this kind of things? If you ask somebody what the meaning of life is, a thousand different people will give you a […]

Talk: The Main Causes of War Today

 What do you think are the main causes of war today? I’d say the main reason is poverty. Countries and their people get frustrated because they have so little. If their neighbors have some resources, they try to steal them by military force.  It seems that a lot of wars nowadays are really civil wars. […]

Learn English Sentences Everyday [facts]

1. To begin with, the speaker seems to implicate that a fact would be proven false in the future under numerous circumstance. 2. Nevertheless I prefer to argue that facts never change. No matter how did the Medieval Church and Inquisition persecute Bruno, the fact never changes that the earth is far from being the […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. make fun of Today we are going to learn “make fun of”. It means to make a joke about someone or something in a way that is not kind. eg: (1). Why do you always have to make fun of your little sister? (2). If I had a deformed face, you would not make […]

Is Personality Really So Important? [audio]

Have you ever thought about what your own personality is like? If you are asked to describe yourself with three words, which three words would you choose? Or, do you actually have no idea what your own personality is like? Are you actually a person with no personality? But then again, is personality really so […]

Learn English Sentences Everyday [tourism]

1. Admittedly, television and computer connections do slow down some people’s interest in tourism. 2. By viewing the vivid description of certain tourist attractions with detailed illustration provided by television and computers, it makes the once illusionary picture of staying at home and traveling around the world become a possible scenario that everybody can get […]

Talk: Could I Ask You Some Questions About Your Latest Book?

 Good morning. I’m from the New York book review. Could I ask you some questions about your latest book?  Sure. Take a seat… What would you like to know?  First, I’ve heard that your latest book is based on a true story.  That’s correct. It’s a murder mystery based on actual murders that book place […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. dress up Today we are going to learn “dress up”. It means to put on different clothes, in order to make yourself look more formal than usual or to disguise yourself. eg: (1). I love to dress up to go out on the weekends. (2). You do not need to dress up for dinner. 2. pay attention to Another phrase is “pay attention to”. […]

Learn English Phrases Everyday [audio]

1. I’ll say! Today we are going to learn “I’ll say!” It means that you can’t agree more. eg: A: Hannah’s a really good ice skater! B: I’ll say!   2. a big step Another phrase is “a big step”. It means a great improvement or progress. eg: (1). Starting your own business is a […]

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