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Learning English Phrases Everyday(80)

1. You bet Today we are going to learn “you bet”. It means of course, definitely. eg: A: Is the interview over? Did you get all the information you need? B: You bet. Thanks for your time.   2. early bird Another phrase is “early bird”. It means someone who does something or goes somewhere […]

Learning English Phrases Everyday(79)

1. big man Today we are going to learn “big man”. It means a highly influential individual in a group. eg: (1). Joe is the big man on campus after he helped us win the football game! (2). Don’t disturb him with such stupid questions. He is the big man in our company. 2. start-up […]

Grammar Tips: Just, Yet, Still, Already

Just, yet, still, already These words are often used with the present perfect tense, although “yet”, “still” and “already” can all be used with other tenses. Just “Just” is usually used only with the present perfect tense and it means “a short time ago”. eg: I’ve just seen Susan coming out of the cinema. Mike’s just […]

Learning English Sentences Everyday(67)

1. My friend Leo makes up weak and poor excuses whenever there is something he doesn’t want to do. Key Points: make up (1). invent sth, sometimes in order to deceive people. I think it’s very unkind of you to make up stories about him. (2). If two people make up after a quarrel or […]

Learning English Phrases Everyday(78)

1. civil service Today we are going to learn “civil service”. It means the government departments that manage the affairs of the country. eg: A: I’m taking the civil service exam next month. B: I wish you good luck on it.   2. cram school Another phrase is “cram school”. It is specialized school that […]

Writing Club Feedbacks: Heroes

Last week we set our writing theme “heroes“. The Hero style of the movies is one of the myths made by Hollywood, which inspires most of us. A superhero is omnipotent, or a superhero could be powerful with amazing abilities in virtual world. But in our world, heroes still exist without all these superpowers. As […]

Talk:How’s Your Job Search Going?

How’s your job search going?  I don’t know. I only started looking for a job a few days ago. I’ve only found a few openings in my field. What kind of job are you looking for?  I’m trying to find a job in sound engineering. There’s not a very high demand for that kind of […]

Talk: Your Shirt Has Shrunk

Room service.May I come in?  Yes.please. Here is your laundry. I am sorry to tell you that one of your clothes has shrunk due to our fault.  Oh,my god. We are terribly sorry for that.Could you please buy a new one and give us the receipt? We will refund the cost of the laundry and […]

Talk: Mangoes Are On Sale

Can you direct me to some fresh product that’s on sale? Well, we’ve got some great mangoes on sale. Mangoes? What are mangoes?  Well, it’s a fruit with a big seed in it. Can you eat the seed?  No. Peel the skin with a sharp knife, and throw out the seed. Well, how much are […]

Talk:Where the Hotel Is?

Excuse me. Do you know where the Admiral Hotel is?  That’s over on Callaway Street,isn’t it? Yes,but I can’t find Callaway Street.  Walk that way for about four blocks. The hotel’s about two blocks north of there. Thanks a lot.  Not at all.  

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