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[Grammar] ‘Media’, ‘Medium’, Or ‘Mediums’ ?

👉Hi~ Welcome back to [Grammar] today! It’s nice to learn with you guys!👈 ✏️✏️✏️ 😍Let’s get start~ Medium has two plurals—media and mediums, which can be confusing because the correct plural to apply may depend on what sense of ‘medium’ you are using. 1. Media (Mass Communication) One sense of ‘medium’ is ‘a channel of communication’. This typically […]

[Phrases] Are You Like A Cat On Hot Bricks

Hey guys! It’s [Phrases] time!! I think most of you guys love cats because they are so beautiful and cute. So today we’re going to learn some idioms with the word “cat” and the meaning of them may be a little bit different from what you consider. Each of them has a definition and an […]

[Word For Today] Strain

Hey guys! Welcome back to [Word For Today]! Today we are going to learn the word strain.  Translations of strain in different languages: 1. [v.] force (a part of one’s body or oneself) to make an unusually great effort I stopped and listened, straining my ears for any sound. 2. [v.] make an unusually great effort […]

[Best Pick] Hachi: A Dog’s Tale That Heals Your Heart

🖐️Hey guys! Welcome to the movie time in [Best Pick]!🖐️ Today I will introduce a movie based on a true story about love and devotion- Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. Origin: The film is based on a real story that happened in 1924. Yoshiro Ueno, a professor in the Department of Agriculture at the Imperial University of […]


🤟🏻Hey guys! Welcome to [Song] again!🎶 Let’s enjoy the music time~ 😍 Let us check the answers of the last episode: buy your lips; slogan; Leg day. Today I would like to share a hit song with you guys- Roxanne from Arizona Zervas. Don’t miss it! Arizona Zervas’s –Roxanne kept soaring this week, jumping to […]

[Phrases] Cook The Books?

Hey guys! Welcome to [Phrases]! Maybe you are reading books every day but how much do you really know about “books?” Do you even know a “book” can be “cooked?” That does not mean putting books in a pot, adding some water and salt, and then turning on the stove.  Check out the following idioms […]

[Fun Time] Weird Toilets

Hello guys! Welcome to [Fun Time]! Toilets are necessary for our life because we use them every day. But maybe you guys are tired of traditional white ones because they are too ordinary. So today I will introduce some strange toilets that you might have never seen them. Let’s get started! The toilet is yelling […]

[Fun Time] Funny Tissue Box

Hello guys! Welcome to [Fun Time]! Tissue is an item that we use a lot in our daily life and it is usually put in the tissue box. Most of the tissue boxes we see actually are quite normal, but today I am going to show you some special tissue boxes that are much more […]

[Listening] Oscars 2020: Which Got The Most Nominations?

Hello, everyone! Welcome to [Listening]! Before today’s listening, let’s check the answers to the last episode. financially independent; caught off guard; sensibility Oscar Nominations for this year’s Academy Awards were announced in Beverly Hills Monday morning. There could be as many as 10 films nominated for this year’s Best Picture Oscar. But what movies got the most […]

[Word-ology] Abject=Ab+Ject

Time for [Word-ology] again, a column making English learning easier! Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode. Today, we are going to learn a new etymon ”ject” with the word ”abject”. The etymon ”ject” means ”throw” and is used in many words. Now, let’s analyze the composition of “abject“. The word consists […]

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