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[Listening] Larger Odds of Social Isolation?

Hey, guys! Long time no see! This week we are gonna go exploring the secret linkage between social media and mental health. The answer first: social isolation And congrats to those three who got it right first: (Anonymous users aren’t counted) You guys really did a great job! Okay, let’s get started. Study co-author Brian […]

Should We Ditch The Language Textbooks?

Should We Ditch The Language Textbooks? language acquisition

Learning A Language: Unconsciously And Consciously Unconscious language learning does not mean learning a language while you sleep. Rather, it’s the ability to learn without realizing. Learning a language unconsciously happens predominantly in children, and is also commonly referred to as language acquisition. More traditional language learning methods such as grammar rules and instruction are […]

[Listening] The Magic of Mistakes!

Hey guys, many of you did a pretty good job yesterday, and here’s the answer: ‘excellence’ and ‘fixed mindset’ And today we are gonna look at what they tried in the project. Let’s get started! In the task, children played a game, helping a zookeeper capture escaped animals by pressing the space bar when an […]

[Listening] Pull On A Pair Of Skates And Twirl Around

Did you get the answer from yesterday’s audio? Here’s the answer: Saturday afternoons, funny coincidence Today’s listening is a little challenging, but I believe that you guys can nail it! Shall we? The following week, after yoga, it made sense to walk together to the subway to get into the city for the mentoring. She […]

Culture Shock Avoided [Listening]

Hi there! Finally back! Answer for our last audio: doesn’t sound ideal putting it off Many of you didn’t get “ideal” right and confused it with “idea”. Can anyone check in our dictionary and tell me in the comment what does “ideal” mean?  Today we are gonna listen to a man giving suggestions on avoiding […]

Start the Day with Exercise [Listening]

Answer first: even and specialized. Today we are gonna listen to a piece about doing exercise in the morning(which is a huge challenge). We have been doing this listening exercise for about two weeks, and some of you did a really great job. So I was thinking, it’s time for some kind of challenge! This […]

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