[Listening] Pull On A Pair Of Skates And Twirl Around


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Saturday afternoons, funny coincidence

Today’s listening is a little challenging, but I believe that you guys can nail it! Shall we?

The following week, after yoga, it made sense to walk together to the subway to get into the city for the mentoring. She sighed a tiny bit as we waited for the F train, and I sensed the sigh was not directed solely at the tiresome weekend subway schedule. The train arrived, and we found seats side by side. I confessed to her that my heels have never touched the ground in a downward dog. Harmless little opener, I felt. She took her phone out as a defense as fast as you could say, “So what?” She reflexively asked where I was from. I told her. She seemed despondent, but soldiered on. “When did you move here?” “A couple of years ago.” ???(one word missing) exhausted, she said, “Remind me to ask you about your story when I’m less, like, crazy busy.”

That is how it came to pass that, instead of some small talk leading to an easy quietness, Warrior One sat beside Warrior Two in tense silence as they both scrolled through their phones. My ???(one word missing) companion believed that conversation had to be all or nothing. She didn’t know she just had to pull on a pair of skates and twirl around for a while.

Got it? They didn’t become best friends, and the author believes this is because of lack of small talk.

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Culture Shock Avoided [Listening]


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doesn’t sound ideal

putting it off

Many of you didn’t get “ideal” right and confused it with “idea”. Can anyone check in our dictionary and tell me in the comment what does “ideal” mean? 

Today we are gonna listen to a man giving suggestions on avoiding culture shock. Let’s get started.

Here are a few tips I read which are useful to avoid culture shock, these might be helpful:

Rule #1: Travel as much as you can.

People who have traveled a lot have naturally  experienced a lot of different cultures. They have often experienced culture shock in various ways. This means they often have a mindset that is more agile and relaxed when it comes to experiencing other cultures.

Rule #2: Remember you’re a foreigner.
If you’re from the US and you go to some parts of Eastern Europe, you might be surprised to learn that smiling is not welcomed and is actually seen as distrustful, or gestures such as nodding your head up and down means no. When you’re travelling, put all the assumptions you ??? (three words missing) to one side and above all, remember you’re a foreigner.

Rule #3: Meet the locals.

The best way to understand the local culture, and help prevent culture shock, is to go out and meet the locals. Visit the local market or go have a drink in the local pub. It’s the best way to see local people interacting with each other in a very ??? (three words missing).

How about this one? Did you enjoy it?

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Start the Day with Exercise [Listening]


Answer first:

even and specialized.

Today we are gonna listen to a piece about doing exercise in the morning(which is a huge challenge).

We have been doing this listening exercise for about two weeks, and some of you did a really great job. So I was thinking, it’s time for some kind of challenge! This time, instead of giving me single words, you need to fill in several words to complete the sentence.


Yeah, there are super humans among us who crave that pre-sunrise workout (that, or they’re just really good liars). Still, for everyone else, waking up at the crack of dawn to sweat and get sore probably ???(three words missing).

But the morning is probably the ideal time to exercise . By starting your day with exercise, you’ll prevent yourself from ???(three words missing).

Think about it this way: If some of the busiest people in the world can find time to workout, so can you. For example, ” What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast ” author Laura Vanderkam notes that former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns schedules an hourlong personal-training session at 6 a.m. twice a week.

“These are incredibly busy people,” Vanderkam said . “If they make time to exercise, it must be important.”

Share your answer with me! See you!