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Comparing Cultures: Comic Books Vs. Manga

Comparing Cultures: Comic Books Vs. Manga national comic book day

Comic Books And Manga There are profound (very great) differences between American comic books and Japanese manga besides the obvious country distinction. Comics are thought of as a staple of Western geek culture; manga also has a similar feeling in the East. Yet, comic books have spawned famous characters such as Batman and Superman while […]

Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games?

Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games? battle Royale review

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami I was already familiar with the concept of Battle Royale, and I was pleasantly surprised at how the author executed the plot. The plot takes place in a fictional fascist Japan. The government established a military program, the Battle Experiment No. 68. This program randomly selects fifty third-year junior high […]

Life Can Be Vicious

Life Can Be Vicious book recommendation vicious

Vicious By V.E Schwab Vicious was my first book by V.E Schwab, and I’m glad I picked it up by chance. The plot revolves around Victor and Eli, two brilliant college students. They recognized the same ambition and cleverness in each other. In their senior year, Eli’s thesis topic of near-death experiences and supernatural abilities […]

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