Talk:How’s Your Job Search Going?

How’s your job search going?  I don’t know. I only started looking for a job a few days ago. I’ve only found a few openings in my field. What kind of job are you looking for?  I’m trying to find a job in sound engineering. There’s not a very high demand for that kind of […]

Talk: Your Shirt Has Shrunk

Room service.May I come in?  Yes.please. Here is your laundry. I am sorry to tell you that one of your clothes has shrunk due to our fault.  Oh,my god. We are terribly sorry for that.Could you please buy a new one and give us the receipt? We will refund the cost of the laundry and […]

Talk: Mangoes Are On Sale

Can you direct me to some fresh product that’s on sale? Well, we’ve got some great mangoes on sale. Mangoes? What are mangoes?  Well, it’s a fruit with a big seed in it. Can you eat the seed?  No. Peel the skin with a sharp knife, and throw out the seed. Well, how much are […]

Talk:Where the Hotel Is?

Excuse me. Do you know where the Admiral Hotel is?  That’s over on Callaway Street,isn’t it? Yes,but I can’t find Callaway Street.  Walk that way for about four blocks. The hotel’s about two blocks north of there. Thanks a lot.  Not at all.  

Talk:I Want to Get A Nose Job.

What are you doing?  Look at me. I look so old! I look as if I were thirty. Come on! Stop being so vain. You look great! You are beautiful!  Yes, I am, but I think it’s time for some plastic surgery I’m tired of these wrinkles and sagging skin. See? I don’t see any […]

Talk: I’ll Have a frappuccino

Barista, I’ll have a frappuccino.  What a girly drink. I’ll take a bag of the Blue Mountain and a decaf breva… You and your fancy Italian names.  Isn’t “frappuccino” Italian, too? …and heat me up a panini. I’ll be fine with just my girly drink, thank you very much.  And I’ll stick with real coffee. […]

Talk: Do You Know How to Get There?

Excuse me. I’m looking for the shopping mall,Bluemingdails. Could you tell me how to get there?  Sure. It’s very close actually. You go straight down this road. Then you turn left, at the next junction. Left the next junction. Okay. Bluemingdails is on the corner of that block. You see it as you turn left. […]

Talk:How Was Your Morning Jog?

How was your morning jog? Very good. I feel quite refreshed now! You should come with me sometime – exercise is good for you! To be honest, I’d rather watch television! Where did you go? I just ran alongside the main road. Oh you ought to go to the park next time. They have a […]

Talk: Do You Have Life Insurance?

Hey, daughter, let me ask you something.  Yes, dad? Do you have life insurance?  Well, no. It just seemed like another bill we’d have to pay. You have children now. What if something, God forbid, happens to you? That’s true. Well, how much do you think I should get? A $100,000 policy shouldn’t be too […]

Talk:Where is My Bag?

Well,we’ve been waiting for our baggage for about one hour. What kind of bag is it? It’s blue,Samsonite bag.  What is your room number and your name,please? This is room eleven-seven and my name is Terry Green.  Well,let me check.We delivered four bags to room 1106 which is you friend’s room about an hour ago. […]

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