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Tell you all about preposition

By speakspeak A preposition can show us the position of something. It can also express time. Sometimes a preposition follows a verb, sometimes it follows an adjective. Here are some examples of different types of prepositions: Prepositions of place  on, under, next to, among, . . . Prepositions of direction to, from, in, into, through, . . . Prepositions […]


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/ It was very nice of you both to take me to the airport.  Oh,it’s our pleasure.You’ll keep in touch with us at the office,won’t you? Of course. And please let me know if I can be of any help while I’m in […]


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/ Something wrong? Yes. My car is having problems. What’s wrong?  It won’t start. Do you want me to take a look?  No,thank you. I think I can handle it. Well, if you change your mind, let me know.  I will. Thanks. That’s […]

How Your Personality Changes When You Speak in a Foreign Language

By Josh Plotkin Have you ever seen someone speaking two languages and feel as if two different people are speaking them? Rhythm and Flow Every language has a unique rhythm and flow, a way that individual words come together to paint a larger picture. But what happens when you speak a foreign language using the rhythm from your […]

TALK: Do you love your new place?

/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/ Have you moved into your new house yet, Mia? We just moved in yesterday, actually. So, what do you think about the place? Are you glad that you moved in? It’s great! Unfortunately, we’re going to spend a fortune doing everything up. […]

Linking verbs: when an adjective—not an adverb—should follow a verb

By Stuart Cook Action verbs are the type of verbs that elementary students learn first. They also learn that if we want to say how we do something we should use an adverb (quickly, badly, well, etc.) with the verb. So, we say: She sings badly. He speaks quickly. The team played well. I waited patiently. However, there is a group of verbs—called linking verbs—which are not […]

How to Reduce Your Accent in English

By Justin Today we’re going to discuss, in a general but very important way, how to reinvent your English accent. If you are determined to improve your pronunciation, these tips will help a lot. If you’re not determined to fix your pronunciation, no amount of good strategies and advice will ever help you. Like most worthwhile […]

TALK: Are these all yours? 

/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/ Are these all yours?  Yes, they are. Cash or credit card?  I want to use these coupons. Have they expired? Not yet. Oh, this item is no longer on sale, and this goes on sale tomorrow. Will you take them? Yes, could […]

How to Speak English Well: 10 Simple Tips for Extraordinary Fluency

by JESSICA DAWDY And ALAN Do you want to learn how to speak English well? Are you also looking for a shortcut to English fluency? We don’t have tricks that will give you perfect English in five minutes a day. But we do have solid tips that will help you learn how to speak English more fluently, in […]


By Wil  You don’t need to live in an English-speaking country to become fluent in English. If you are smart about the way you learn English, you don’t even need to leave your home town. Use these 10 top tips for to improve your English without even leaving your city. Surround yourself with English You don’t […]

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