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In today’s grammar, let’s look at the difference between “accept” and “receive”.

Source: WikiDiff

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1. accept

It means to agree to take something,especially with a consent,with favor, or with approval.

i.e.offered her an apology, but she wouldn’t accept it.

i.e. I accept full responsibility for the failure of the plan.

2. receive

It means to get or be given something while the other party is the active partner.

i.e. I received a phone call from your mother.

i.e. Tomorrow the children will receive their anxiously awaited presents.

Have you already known the difference between “receive” and “accept“? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!


#1. One aggrieved customer complained that he still hadn't _____ the book he had ordered several weeks ago.

#2. I ______ full responsibility for the failure of the plan.




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