[Fun Time] Hilarious and Strange Things Spotted On The Subway

Hey guys! It is [Fun Time] again!

Referring to subway, many people may consider it as a simple way of public traffic for passengers. As a matter of fact, it is a magical place where the laws of normality stop working. The moment you go underground to catch a train, you better be prepared to see funny, weird and, frankly, mind-blowing things.

Let’s take a look!

Seems like an old model of artificial intelligence

Now I see where the missing part of his pants is

It must be warm

So smart! LOL🤣

How often do you wash your “hair”?

Now I know Pikachu doesn’t live in the Poke Ball

Told you to cut your hair frequently😅

Is it filming Batman VS Darth Vader?

How do you keep them on the board when the subway brakes?

Watch out the height permitted!

That’s all for [Fun Time] today! Did you have fun?

If you also have pictures of funny things on subway, share it with us below!

Have a nice weekend! See you!


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