[Grammar] No Doubt Vs Without Doubt

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In today’s grammar, let’s look at the difference between “no doubt” and “without doubt”.

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

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1. No doubt

We can use no doubt when we think that what we are saying is likely to happen, or when we think it is true. It is similar to ‘I suppose’ or ‘I imagine’.

No doubt you’ll want breakfast before you leave tomorrow.

We can use there is no doubt that … when we are very certain about our opinion. We use it in formal situations:

He’s never won Wimbledon, but there’s no doubt that he is a great tennis player.

2. Without doubt

Without doubt is even more formal. We use it when we are absolutely certain about our opinion:

Paul McCartney is without doubt one of the greatest composers of popular music of all time.

Have you already known the difference between “no doubt” and “without doubt? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇 it is time to show yourself!



#1. There is _____ at all that we did the right thing.

#2. This meeting has been, ______, one of the most useful we have had so far.



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