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Curiosity Killed the Cat is used to tell somebody not to ask so many questions, especially in reply to a question that you do not want to answer.

According to Wikipedia, this phrase was originated from the phrase “Care killed the cat” which means to stop worrying and sorrowing for others. And the popular version using “curiosity” was found in an Irish newspaper from 1868: “They say curiosity killed a cat once”. It meant inquisitiveness can be dangerous, especially when it extends to things one does not need to know about.

For example,

`Where are we going?’ Calder asked. `Curiosity killed the cat, dear. You’ll find out soon enough.’

I think you’ll offend her by asking such personal questions—curiosity killed the cat, after all.

There are some other interesting phrases about “cat“. Follow me to learn about them!

1. Cat’s paw

a person who is used by another to achieve some end, especially in a duplicitous or cynical manner

I thought that Jake really loved me, but in the end, I was just a cat’s-paw so he could stir up jealousy in his ex-girlfriend.

Steve did not act of his own motive, so she called him a cat’s paw.

2. Cool cat

someone, usually a man, who is regarded as hip and cool

Their guitar player is a cool cat.

Monty is a cool cat. I really like him.

3. Rain cats and dogs

to rain extremely heavily.

I’m not going out in that storm. It’s raining cats and dogs.

We were so disappointed that it rained cats and dogs for our whole vacation in Hawaii.

4. Bell the cat

to undertake or agree to perform a risky, dangerous, or impossible job or task

Someone has to bell the cat and tell the boss we aren’t going to work on Saturdays anymore.

Who’s going to bell the cat and tell mom we wrecked her car?

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