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All and every are determiners. We use both all and every to refer to the total number of something. The meaning of all and every is very similar but we use them in different ways.

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

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1. All

All refers to a complete group.

The questionnaire was sent to all employees.

We can use all, but not every, on its own without a noun. We use everyone/everybody/everything instead

The meeting is at Oriel Hall. It begins at 8 pm and all are welcome. Everyone is welcome to join the village social club.

We use all with plural and uncountable nouns and every with singular nouns

All donations will be sent to the earthquake relief fund.

All equipment must be returned by the end of June. 

We can use all and all of before determiners, but we don’t use every before determiners

I invited all (of) my friends.

We use all dayall weekall month to mean ‘one entire day/week/month

We spent all day at the beach yesterday.

2. Every

Every refers to each member of a complete group

The questionnaire was sent to every employee.

We use all with plural and uncountable nouns and every with singular nouns

Every donation is appreciated.

Every day (week/month) focuses on each individual day (week/month)

We spent every day at the beach in the holidays.

Have you already known the difference between “all” and “every? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!



#1. Fuel prices are rising ____ week.

#2. She’s gone to ____ of their concerts this year. She hasn’t missed one.



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