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Source: Free Dictionary

We use the flower of youth to depict the best or finest time of life, at the peak of good looks, good health, and vigor. “He hath the flower of youth, wherein is the fulness of strength,” wrote Homer in the Iliad (ca. 850 b.c.). Shakespeare used similar language, but not the precise wording of the cliché.

i.e. He died in the flower of his youth.

i.e. Look at those students – they’re all in the flower of their youth.

There are some other interesting phrases about “flower”. Follow me to learn about them!

1. flower of the flock

The best person or thing in a group.

i.e. She’s the best we’ve got, the flower of the flock, so you should absolutely put her on this case.

 i.e. Your cupcakes are just the flower of the flock—there is no better item at the bake sale.

2. hearts and flowers

Used in allusion to extreme sentimentality.

i.e. Ugh, but the dialogue in those books is all hearts and flowers though.

 i.e. I can’t stand hearts-and-flowers stuff.

3. the flower of (something)

The finest, most vital, or most exemplary part of something.

i.e. The legislation will hamper trade with foreign countries, but could help nurture and cultivate the flower of local industries.

i.e. The community has been struggling to come to terms with the death of the three boys, all struck down in the flower of youth.

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