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The two words “affect” and “effect” are homophones (words that sound alike). In today’s grammar, let’s look at the difference between “affect” and “effect”.

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

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1. Affect

Affect means to have an influence on someone or something, or to cause a change in someone or something. We use it as a verb.

i.e. It’s a disease that affects mainly older people.

i.e. The divorce affected every aspect of her life.

2. Effect

Effect is usually a noun that you would use to indicate the result of a change. We use it to refer to the result of a particular influence.

i.e. The radiation leak has had a disastrous effect on the environment.

i.e. I think I’m suffering from the effects of too little sleep.

Have you already known the difference between “affect” and “effect? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!


#1. Rainfall ___ plant growth.

#2. Even minor head injuries can cause long-lasting psychological ___.




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