[Fun Time] Gallery of Dads who didn’t Want Dogs Initially

Hey guys! It is [Fun Time] again!

Dads always say that they don’t want a puppy or a kitty but it finally turns out that they are professional pet sitters. Why do they show duplicity comparing their words and action? Many people would agree it is because of the sympathetic child hiding in the body of the grown-ups. Do you think so? Check out the following pictures.

Let’s take a look!

“And my belly doesn’t count!”

Well, something changed

Now: “Two more would be great.”

Is it only the opposite wish could be realized?

“Nothing could tear us apart”

“But it seems she is so tiny to bite my ankle”

Mother Kangaroo

Best cure

Maybe your room would be taken later

“Will Gaston love my bedtime story?”

That’s all for [Fun Time] today! Did you have fun?

If you also have images of dad and pets, share it with us below!

Have a nice weekend! See you!


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  • This is great,I told my family no dogs and they check out two free chaweeny pups.They brought one home and I sent the back for the other one too because you can’t break up a family ! The one I sent them back for is my shadow,but I love them both. For those people who believe dogs can’t fly,they should see my dogs dogs run in the house and fly on my lap.I can’t see wings,but I snow they they have them !

  • Animals are cute to some person but some people think that animals will make their life become worse

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