[Phrases] Between Wind And Water

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If someone is “between wind and water”, he or she is at any point particularly susceptible to attack or is very vulnerable.

It is a nautical metaphor referring to the part of a ship’s side near the waterline that is sometimes above the water and sometimes submerged. Damage to the ship at this level is particularly dangerous.

She’s between wind and water, living in this terrible neighborhood.

We have a duty to care for the left-behind children who are between wind and water

There are some other interesting phrases about “Water“. Please follow me to learn more!

1. go through fire and water

To face many challenges in the process of doing or accomplishing something.

Alex would go through fire and water to serve his friend.

I feel like we had to go through fire and water to get here, since all of our flights were either delayed or canceled.

2. could talk under water

 Always very talkative.

Good luck getting a word in if you invite Carrie—that girl could talk under water!

What they didn’t know was that she could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles.

3. like a duck to water

Very quickly and naturally, as if it were innate. 

I wasn’t sure if he’d like playing the piano, but he’s taken to it like a duck to water.

Sarah took to her bike like a duck to water. She was born to ride.

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Source: Free Dictionary

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