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1. bittersweet

2. infinity

3. count the waves

Keshi told Genius.com about “Us”, “Somewhere along the way I forgot what it was like to write a song just sitting at the instrument with a pen and paper. I believe it was the first song I wrote at the piano and kept, and it all came out at once in about an hour.”

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Click the button at the bottom of the screen to play the music. And please fill in the blanks.

Tell me now
Is that the sound
Of all that we were building
______ (two words missing)
All around us
And we never saw it coming

Maybe we never make it through
Say that you give another you
Well I won’t take it
Or maybe I will
‘Cause you never know until you do
If I had to guess I think it’s you
So if I fake it
Would it be true

Maybe we’ve been
A little too _____ (two words missing)
In things that don’t matter
As much as we thought
Maybe we’ve been
A little too guarded
From things that have hurt us
A bit more than we thought

Nothing more
Than love and war
But no one knows the difference
All or none
Call to tell me that
I’m not the one you wanted



Ups and downs
Going _____ when you’re not around (one word missing)
Go figure
Tell me now
Is that the sound of us?

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