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Have you ever heard about this phrase? What is the picture like in your mind when you read it initially?If you are thinking about something related to pranks, then you are right!

Monkey business refers to an activity that is considered silly, stupid, or time-wasting. It debuted in the 1880s, transferring the mischievous, sly actions of monkeys to human beings. There is a similar American slang, called monkeyshines, used to describe mischievous pranks likewise. Meanwhile, monkey business could also refer to dishonest behavior.

For example,

We know there was a lot of monkey business with counting ballots in the previous election

That’s enough monkey business. Now, stop it and get to work!

There are some other interesting phrases about “ monkey“. Follow me to learn about them!

1. I’ll be monkey’s uncle

an expression of surprise or amazement

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. He did make his movie successful.

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Mike just got an offer from Cambridge University!

2. monkey bite

a kiss that leaves a blotch or mark

Hey, I have an important meeting in the morning—don’t go leaving a monkey bite where everyone can see it!

Who gave you that monkey bite?

3. monkey’s wedding

a rain shower that occurs while the sun is shining

Apart from a brief monkey’s wedding, the weather was fabulous during the entire event.

Look! It’s a monkey’s wedding!

4. monkey on (one’s) back

a drug addiction or a persistent burden or problem

I’ve been clean and sober for nearly five years, but I can still feel the monkey on my back breathing down my neck.

Trust me, don’t get in debt. You don’t want that monkey on your back.

That’s all for [Phrases] today. Now try to make at least one sentence with the phrases that you like! That will help you to remember them.

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    • I don’t really understand it, but thanks for teaching me a new way of learning (◕ᴗ◕✿) (◍ • ᴗ • ◍) ❤

  • I will have to carry that Monkey on my back soon, but it will be easier.

    I can’t believe he is trying to give her monkey bites after what she did.

    It was Very hard to carry that Monkey on the back in the past, but she had a great support.

    Enough of Monkey business, lets play with the Eagles!!

  • Yesterday there was a monkey’s wedding.

    Since I join army I feel monkey on my back.

    I should leave money business and focus on my study .

    I’ll be a monkey’s uncle . Her son got first position in an university .

    She want to gave him more money bite .

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