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Fire is a familiar word in our daily lives. But when it comes to the phrase “play with fire”, what you think it means then? What has popped into your mind when you see this phrase initially?

The most popular meaning of “play with fire” is:

To do something that risks causing one harm, damage, or misfortune; to do something dangerous.

i.e. They’re playing with fire if they think they can get away with dodging these corporate taxes.

Although the idea behind this metaphor is ancient, it was first recorded only in 1655. Besides, it could also refers to:

using fire as a toy; to experiment with flames and fire.

i.e. Jimmy! I’ve told you never to play with fire!

That’s all for “play with fire” today!

There are some other phrases about “ fire” that you might find helpful in daily conversations. Go ahead to check them out!

1. A ball of fire

Definition: An ambitious and enthusiastic person.

i.e. I always knew that Lauren would grow up to be successful—she was a real ball of fire as a kid.

2. (As) hot as fire

Definition: Extremely and uncomfortably hot in temperature.

i.e. On summer days in Texas, when it’s hot as fire outside, there’s nothing quite like a tall glass of sweet tea.

i.e. I hate working in the theme park during the summer because it’s as hot as fire in the costumes they make us wear.

3. Add fuel to the fire

Definition: To do or say something to make an argument, problem, or bad situation worse; to further incense an already angry person or group of people.

i.e. The debate was going poorly for the senatorial candidate, and his strikingly uncouth comments simply added fuel to the fire.

i.e. Revelations of the CEO’s massive retirement package added fuel to the fire for consumers already furious over the company’s dubious financial dealings.

That’s all for [Phrases] today. Now try to make at least one sentence with the phrases that you have learned today to help you remember them!

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  • Thanks a lot for enriching me with those phrases this Monday morning. I look forward to learning from you, though.

  • Already the situation was bad and by doing this he add the fuel to fire .

    India is threatning china and pakistan on same time he does not know he is playing with fire .

    I know her since childhood he well b successful she was a ball of fire .

  • You would like the city in this season since is not so Hot as Fire.

    Im trying not to add fuel to the fire on this operation.

    She is so talented, no doubt she is a Real ball of fire.

  • Kimmy always like to play with fire and he doesn’t care about consequences
    Sami is a ball of fire and she always doing every work very effectively and efficiency .
    Today weather is as hot as fire
    Kate is not a good person. She likes to add fuel into fire

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