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How the conversation will be like if you or your friend need to go to the hospital to see the doctor? Today we are going to listen to two conversations happened in a hospital. Hope they will inspire you.

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Conversation A

Matt: How do you feel?
Alex: Better, but I’m still _____. (1 word missing)
Matt: When you fainted, you scared us!
Alex: Sorry. The doctor checked me. He says I’m exhausted.
Matt: You should take better care of yourself.
Alex: I know. Working hard is important, but so is sleeping.
Matt: That’s right. You need more sleep.
Alex: I don’t want to go to the _____________. ( 2 words missing)

Conversation B

Taylor: Did you see your friend in the hospital? How is she?
Susie: She’ll be OK. She broke her leg and damaged her shoulder.
Taylor: Will she be in the hospital much longer?
Susie: For another week, most likely. She may need _____ (1 word missing) on her shoulder.
Taylor: That’s too bad.
Susie: I know. I feel bad for her. I will go and see her again tomorrow.


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