[Word For Today] Label

Hey guys, welcome back to [Word For Today]!

Today we are gonna learn the word label.

1. [n.] a word or a phrase that is used to describe the characteristics or qualities of people, activities, or things

He seems to be stuck with the label of “troublemaker.”

It says on the label that no preservatives or artificial colourings have been added.

2. [n.] a company that produces goods for sale, the goods themselves, or the company’s name or symbol

Their own-label vegetarian products have been a huge success.

Her favorite designer label is Armani.

3. [v.] to fasten a label to

He was always labelled as lazy.

I labelled all my strawberry jam today.

So that’s for today’s word “label”. Try to make as many sentences as possible and share it with everybody in our comments below.

See you next time! 😘


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