[Listening] Bill Gates: Don’t Call Trump’s Coronavirus As A ‘Cure’

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Billionaire tech icon and philanthropist Bill Gates says it is “inappropriate” to refer to the experimental coronavirus monoclonal-antibody treatment that President Donald Trump received earlier this month as a “cure.”

“The word ‘cure’ is inappropriate, because it won’t work for everyone,” Gates said in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. However, Gates also admitted that he believes the treatment administered to the president is likely the “most promising” of all the experimental coronavirus treatments currently in development.

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For his part, President Trump has touted the _____ (1 word missing) antibody cocktail he received from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals this month as “a cure” for Covid-19. However, Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer has been careful not to endorse those claims, arguing that more testing is required and that the treatment’s apparent success with the president is “the ________ (2 words missing) you can get” of whether it is, indeed, an effective cure.

The president’s treatment received some criticism due to the fact that Regeneron’s antibody treatment has not yet been approved by the FDA. On “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Gates noted that Regeneron’s therapy is not yet widely available to the _____ (2 words missing).

“Well, very, very few people have had it because it’s not approved, and the manufacturing is just ramping up,” Gates said.

In addition to Regeneron’s treatment, drug companies Eli Lilly and Glaxo Smith Kline are also testing their own monoclonal antibody treatments, with some experts viewing those trials as promising for producing a potential Covid-19 treatment.


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