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The words “advice” and “advise” can sometimes be confused. They have different meanings and are different parts of speech, but there is a relationship between their usage. There’s also just one letter different in their spelling, so it’s easy to see how using the wrong one in your writing can be a common mistake. How can you easily tell the difference between advice and advise?

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1. Advice

The word advice is a noun. It means an opinion or recommendation that is offered as a course of action. Advice is pronounced with an ending sounding like “ice.”

You’ve done this before, please give me your advice.

I need your advice on which car to buy.

2. Advise

The word advise is used as a verb. It means to offer an opinion or suggestion, or formally provide information. Advise is pronounced with an ending sounding like “ize.”

I have to go to court and I need you to advise me in this matter.

Please advise me on what to do when filling in this application.

Tips: some other tips to keep in mind regarding advice and advise are:

Advice is the information or an opinion that you give or receive.

Advise is what you do when you instruct or notify.

If you need guidance, ask someone for advice on a matter.

If you can give guidance, advise someone on a matter.

Have you already known the difference between “advice” and “advise? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for youπŸ‘‡it is time to show yourself!


#1. She took my interview ______ on board and got the job.

#2. I will ______ the customer that the bill is past due.




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