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Here are some of the best places to visit.These attractions are disappearing. Take a look at these attractions before they disappear!

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1. Antarctica

Antarctica is the southernmost continent of the earth and also the driest and coldest continent. It is also a windswept and frozen continent, and as a result, there are no permanent inhabitants. Unfortunately, this unique continent is slowly thawing.

Though there are efforts to try and spare the continent, it is likely that they will minimize the sails and cruises in the continent. Therefore, make an effort to visit Antarctica before it disappears.

2. The Alps, Europe

The Alps in Europe are one of the best areas for winter sports fans and hikers. Unfortunately, it is likely that this will not continue for a long time since the Alps are significantly affected by the many climate changes.

This is especially because unlike other mountain ranges, the Alps in Europe are at a lower altitude. Since the Alps losses about 3% of the ice per year, it is likely that there will be no more glaciers on the mountain by the year 2050.

3. Alaska, U.S.A.

Alaska is not only the largest but also most sparsely populated state found in the U.S. states. It is well known for its mountains, forests and diverse terrain of open spaces. Additionally, Alaska has been known as the coldest biome in the world.

However, the Alaska regions have been seen to have a dramatic rise in temperature. The rise in temperature is mainly due to global warming. The increase in temperature in Alaska is way higher than other parts of the world. Therefore, it is likely that the Alaskan tundra will be wholly destroyed within such a short time.

4. Maldives

The Maldives have stunning snorkeling sports, five-star resorts and pristine beaches that have lured tourists and honeymoon goers to enjoy them. It is, therefore, unfortunate that there is no bright future for this remarkable place. This is because the Maldives is the world’s lowest-lying country with an attitude of about 1.5 meters.

For this reason, the Maldives are in great danger due to the rising sea levels. According to scientists, the Maldives will be completely submerged within the next 100 years.

5. Venice, Italy

Venice has been a major source of attraction for many years due to its many beautiful sites. It is also known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. However, it is important that you visit the city soon because it has shown signs of sinking over the years.

Additionally, severe floods have also led to the disappearance of the canals found around the city. The sinking of the city is also expected to continue since the North Pole continues to melt. Despite various attempts to save the city, climatologists are not sure these will save the city.


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