[Listening] Who You Socialize With Defines Who You Are

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One’s relationship circle has a significantg effect on one’s life. Are you satisfied with your circle?

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There is a saying that who you socialize with defines who you are. I find it very inspiring.

Find a healthier socializing way. Don’t fall into the pit of ____ (one word missing) , especially not in the office. The reason some people participate in workplace gossip in the first place is that they are afraid of being isolated. If this is exactly your situation, then you are drinking poison to quench thirst. One of the worst things of workplace gossip is that it does not have much logic. ____ (one word missing) simply hope that other people will recognize their opinions so that they themselves can get emotional satisfaction. People who share the same opinions as them are friends, otherwise they are enemies. Whether the gossip concerns the family life of a colleague or private life of a celebrity, it is essentially the same. Such kind of socializing will not give you any chance of ____ (one word missing). Instead, it may lead you to a moral abduction.

It would be better for you to take some courses and learn skills that interest you on your spare time. Or you can join some hobby groups and meet like-minded people. There goes an old saying: We would rather fight with a sensible person than argue with an idiot.

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