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NIKI said in a press release the following about “Lowkey”, “It’s a really cool track, because it’s an honest, pretty frontal subject. To not make it what it’s not, to keep things lowkeyโ€ฆ But it’s set against the backdrop of innocence and almost has a coy delivery and tone, which I was very intentional about.”

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Wonder what I’ll do when the cops come through
And the whiskey’s run out
‘Cause I’ve been lookin’ at you since half past two
Wanna take this downtown?
This liquid _____ (1 word missing) got me way too honest
Put your phone on vibrate, let’s catch a vibe, babe
While the sun’s down
Hush now, I know we’re a little too fucked up to stay still, love
Be _______ (3 words missing) you can, ’cause if anyone sees
They’ll just blow shit up
I don’t gotta know if you’re taken
I’ll just let ya know bedroom’s vacant
No one’s gotta know, just us and the moon ’til the sun starts wakin’

Up’s the only ____ (1 word missing) I see
As long as we keep this

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