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Look and watch are verbs that we use to talk about our sense of sight – using our eyes. But they have important differences in meaning. In today’s grammar, let’s look at the difference between “look” and “see”.

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1. Look (at)

When we look at something, we direct our eyes in its direction and pay attention to it.

I’m looking but I don’t see it.

Don’t look at the sun with naked eye.

When we use look with an object, we say look + at + object.

Look at this photo! Isn’t it beautiful?

John looked at Mary.

2. See

See means noticing something using our eyes.

I can see a cloud in the sky.

Didn’t you see Ram? He was waving at you.

Have you already known the difference between “look” and “see? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!


#1. ________ me while I am speaking.

#2. Bats can ______ very well in the dark.




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