[Word For Today] Adopt

Hey guys, welcome back to [Word For Today]!

Today we are gonna learn the word adopt.

1. [V.] to legally take another person’s child into your own family and take care of him or her as your own child

They’ve adopted a baby girl.

They have no children of their own, but they’re hoping to adopt.

2. [v.] to take an animal that has been left in a place such as a rescue center, and keep it as your pet

Only about 20 percent of all dogs and cats that come into the rescue center will be adopted.

She lives in a 3-bedroomed home with five dogs she adopted from an animal shelter.

3. [v.] to accept or start to use something new

I think it’s time to adopt a different strategy in my dealings with him.

The new tax would force companies to adopt energy-saving measures.

So that’s for today’s word “adopt“. Try to make as many sentences as possible and share it with everybody in our comments below.

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