[Word For Today] Campaign

Hey guys, welcome back to [Word For Today]!

Today we are gonna learn the word campaign.

1. [n.] a planned group of especially political, business, or military activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim

The protests were part of their campaign against the proposed building development in the area.

The endless public appearances are an inevitable part of an election campaign.

2. [n.] a group of connected actions or movements that forms part of a war

We’ve received a lot of expressions of support for our campaign.

We seem to have forgotten why we’re fighting this campaign.

3. [adj.] to organize a series of activities to try to achieve something

They’ve been campaigning for years to get him out of prison.

They’re busy campaigning against the building of a new motorway near here.

So that’s for today’s word “campaign“. Try to make as many sentences as possible and share it with everybody in our comments below.

See you next time! 😘


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