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We all know the meaning of “kill”, but what’s the meaning of the phrase “make a killing?”, it means we want to cause someone to die?

To make a killing on something means that you make a LOT of money, usually on some kind of investment or business venture, and usually in a short period of time and without too much effort.

When you talk about making a killing, it’s always singular, always “a killing.” Never “the killing” or “the killings.”

For example,

“Her new business was a fantastic success; she made a killing in its first two months.”

There are some other interesting phrases about “kill“. Follow me to learn about them!

1. kill or cure

a way of solving a problem that will either fail completely or be very successful.

I’ll try it, kill or cure.

Having a baby can be kill or cure for a troubled marriage.

2. kill sb. with kindness

to be too kind to someone, harming that person because you are helping or giving them too much

He is killing me with kindness.

I love talking to Grandma, but she calls me twice a day to see how I’m doing—right now she’s killing me with kindness.

3. kill off sb./sth.

to destroy or remove someone or something completely

Killing off predators such as grizzly bears could throw the ecosystem out of balance.

The worship of celebrities has killed off common sense in America .

4. kill sth stone-dead

to cause something to be completely unsuccessful or to stop completely

One bad review can kill film stone-dead.

The wrong music can kill a commercial stone dead.

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