[Fun Time]  Kids Struggle With Distance Learning

Hey guys! It is [Fun Time] again!

Technology is supposed to make distance learning easier during the pandemic, but sometimes it can be absolutely exhausting.

Parents are posting photos of their kids struggling to use Zoom during their virtual lessons. The expressions and their body language say it loud and clear—they’re over Zoom and just want everything to be over already. We have collected the best such pics that embody the feeling of ‘Monday,’.

So, let’s take a look!

 I understand her

The Cat Loves To Show Herself During The Daughter’s Virtual Classes

Cat: “Hehe look at my butt hoomans”

This Is How Our 5th Grader Is Coping With Monday Today. If Wearing A Plague Doctor Mask While Remote Learning Doesn’t Sum Up 2020 Schooling, I Don’t Know What Does

This Is How Our 5th Grader Is Coping With Monday Today

The Teacher Texted Me And Told Me To Wake Her Up

Hey, wake up!

2nd Day Of Virtual School

2nd Day Of Virtual School

Class Better Be That Boring

Look how hard the adults are trying. I love the background!

My Kindergartner

Poor kid…

2 Types Of Kids

Pic 2. Cause my butt freaking hurts after sitting on the chair for 3 hours

43 Minutes Into 1st Day Of 2nd Grade Via Zoom

The girl needs furniture that fits her !!

I Know The Feeling

Lol the parent is making sure the chair doesn’t fall over XD

That’s all for [Fun Time] today! Did you have fun?

If you also have hilarious images with kids who struggling with distance learning, share it with us below!

Have a nice weekend! See you!


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