[Listening] Does Your Personality Change As You Get Older?

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Between adolescence and adulthood, you go through a host of changes – jobs, regrettable haircuts and relationships that come and go. But what about who you are at your core?

As you grow older, does your personality change?

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Source: Live Science

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Earlier temperament seems to affect later ______(2 words missing). For example, one 1995 study published in the journal Child Development followed children from the age of 3 until the age of 18. The researchers found, for instance, that children who were shyer and more withdrawn tended to grow into unhappier teenagers.

Again and again, longitudinal studies have found similar results. Personality tends to get “better” over time. Psychologists call it “the maturity principle.” People become more extraverted, _____ (1 word missing) stable, agreeable and conscientious as they grow older. Over the long haul, these changes are often pronounced.

Some ______ (1 word missing) might change less than others, but in general, the maturity principle applies to everyone. That makes personality change even harder to recognize in ourselves – how your personality compares with that of your peers doesn’t change as much as our overall change in personality, because everyone else is changing right along with you.


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Do you know that personality changes with age?

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