[Best Pick] How Did Such A Young Girl Earn $227,000 A Year In London?

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Imani Change, 28, moved from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. to London, England in September 2019. Now she’s one of the youngest senior operations managers for her company in Europe, earning around $227,000 a year.

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1. Money Lessons

Change has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, which she says is one of the top business schools for studying supply chain management. And it was in a business fraternity at the school where she met friends who worked for her current employer, initially piquing her interest in the business.

2. Pandemic spending and splurges

Change’s spending habits have changed due to the pandemic, as well as a result of relocating.

While she’s always been careful with her money, Change allows herself to splurge on one designer item a year, usually a handbag – her favorite is a classic Louis Vuitton print purse – spending around $3,000 to $4,000.

During the pandemic, she hasn’t added to her designer collection, but has found herself spending more money on games on her phone. She admits it might be a “little dorky,” but it’s kept her entertained while spending so much downtime in her apartment.

3. How she budgets her money

Here’s a look at how Change spent her money in July 2020.

4. Future goals

While Change is still settling into life in the U.K., she’s always planning for the future. One day, she wants to own a dog as well as live in New York City. She also wants to make a lot more money and help others like her achieve similar goals.

“One of my goals is to become a millionaire by 30 and a homeowner by 33,” she says.

To achieve that goal, Change is looking for ways to make sure her money is working for her. And she’s launching a website called, Mo Money, No Problem, geared toward helping others achieve financial success.


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