[Phrases] Once In A Blue Moon

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Literally, the meaning of this phrase is something to describe a rare blue moon.

The actual meaning is that something happens very rarely. The second full moon is called a blue moon, it happens once every three years, it’s a rare occasion and that’s where the expression.

A: “Do you ever eat pork?” B: “Only once in a blue moon. I prefer beef.”

Jill: Does your husband ever bring you flowers? Ellen: Once in a blue moon. Once in a blue moon, I buy a fashion magazine, just to see what people are wearing.

There are some other interesting phrases about “moon”. Follow me to learn about them!

1. cast beyond the moon

To consider unlikely or fantastical possibilities.

I want you to cast beyond the moon as you dream about your future! May your wildest dreams come true!

I talk of things impossible, and cast beyond the moon.

2. cry for the moon

To make an impractical or unreasonable request, especially one that is unlikely to happen.

Oh, you want a later curfew, huh? Well, you’re crying for the moon—11 o’clock is late enough!

Don’t cry for the moon. The only way to get a good grade in the exam is to work hard.

3. promise the moon

To promise one something that cannot be done.

Your clients will come to distrust you if you keep promising them the moon.

Politicians promise the moon at election time, but do they deliver once they’re elected?

4. shoot for the moon

To set one’s goals or ambitions very high.

With all that money, you could do whatever you want. Shoot for the moon, kiddo!

If you don’t shoot for the moon, you’ll never know what can be yours, Player. See you next crime.

That’s all for [Phrases] today. Now try to make at least one sentence with the phrases that you like! That will help you to remember them.

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