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In today’s grammar, let’s look at the difference between “grateful” and “thankful“. Both of them are very commonly used. But what is the difference?

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1. Grateful

We use grateful to talk about how we feel when someone is kind to us or does us a favour. For example, [a message on a thank-you card] or [at the end of a formal letter]

Thank you so much for helping us move house. We are so grateful.


Mark and Rose

I would be very grateful if you could send me more information about your company for my school project.

2. Thankful

We usually use thankful when we are relieved that something unpleasant or dangerous didn’t happen

I heard you were in an accident. Are you okay?

I’m fine. There was some damage to the car. I’m just thankful that no one was injured.

Have you already known the difference between “grateful” and “thankful“? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!



#1. Most of the time I'm just ____ that I've got a job.

#2. "That's kind of you, Sally," Claire said ____.



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