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1. wake up

2. lost in

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So far, the 21-year-old NIKI, who has accumulated more than 740M streaming media data, has always insisted on independent creation, recording and production of his own songs, and has bravely broken the stereotype of being a “pop idol”. “Lose” is about the infinite loss and betrayal after Moonchild was destroyed by the moon Ballad.

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I will never know if you love me or my company but I don’t mind

Coz I ain’t tryna be the one

Been through this _______ (3 words missing)

I don’t need to take your heart

You keep yours I’ll keep mine

All I really know is when I’m lonely

I hate that I’m lonely

And that’s why I let you in

And maybe in another life we _____ (1 word missing)ย all day

Kiss all night

But I don’t wanna _____ (1 word missing) your heart

You keep yours I’ll keep mine

I know

We know better so

We’d both better go

I don’t need a reason

To keep on dreamin’

That we don’t lose yeah what’s the use

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